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Welcomt to Reynolds Building Products, we are Building Materials serving Charlotte area, NC. Visit us at 1332 Atando Ave, Charlotte, NC, 28206 0000 viewed so far 3692 times. View Location Reynolds Building Products. building materials -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Reynolds Building Products reviews

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Reynolds Building Products Reviews

Calvin And Judith Austin reviewed on Reynolds Building Products

business listing rating We got windows put in our House in 2/25/09. And I wnat to tell you I would never recomend your windows to anyone !!!!!They STINK !! All they do is sweat!! Yes we have a fan in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. And our house has a humidity box and it is fine. Why are they sweating ????We had the guy here that installed them and he didn't know why. He said we needed a fan in the bathroom so we got one. They still sweat.we open windows when we cook and take a shower. We thought that would help but NO.i'M SO UN HAPPY WITH THESE.hE PROMISED THEY WOULD DO WHAT THEY DO. i'M SO DISAPPOINTED IT ISN'T FUNNY.Then when we get the warranty that when we saw it wasn't covered.What a rip.I think you should tell people before they get this done.That they will sweat.We had to put plastic on the inside of the window to get it to stop. The plastic is on the window frame only.Isn't that something give all this money to plastic the windows. Should of done that instead of paying you for windows. I guess we should of went to Window Wizord instead !!!!That is who we were going to get, but let Southern Window talk us into yours. posted on Monday, November 29, 2010

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