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Dr. Dharm Sidhu
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BC V6K 1R8

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Vancouver Physicians Naturopathic 201 Alvin Narod Mews Dr. Dharm Sidhu is Naturopathic Doctor and a medical intuitive who believes that good health and well-being is natural to us all; she utilizes a unique blend of holistic healing modalities, while aiming to treat the core causes of illness.

She specializes in Womens Health, Family medicine, and Homeopathy. She is also a gifted Medical Intuitive so she is able to get to the root of the issue and treat it first - in doing that the symptoms that plague the body often disappear as the body heals itself.

Dr. Dharm also has a special interest in Weight Loss and provides a natural alternative to all those expensive diets and videos - a solution that actually works!

In addition, Dr. Dharm does workshops to enable people to Awaken their own Intuition. For a FREE e-book please visit her website. Vancouver BC Physicians Naturopathic Dr. Dharm Sidhu Naturopathic Medicine Doctor Weight Loss Nutrition Homeopathy Workshop Naturopathic Medicine Doctor Weight Loss Nutrition Homeopathy Workshop Business Reviews Dr. Dharm Sidhu Testimonials

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