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Categories: Baling Equipment and Supplies (Wholesale) [more businesses in Baling Equipment and Supplies (Wholesale)]

Southfield Baling Equipment and Supplies Wholesale 21753 Melrose Ave Anxin USA provides high quality chain link fence, baling wire and galvanized wire and are serving customers from coast to coast in USA, in South America, European, Middle East, and in Africa.

Anxin USA has a long products list to offer like chain Link Fence, Welded Wire Fence, Chicken Wire, Galvanized Wire, Single Loop Bale Ties.

Anxin USA other products includes high quality stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire cloth, brass wire mesh, square wire mesh and more.

Anxin USA is an innovative and devoted team of professionals with extensive experiences in metal wire and mesh processing.

Anxin USA make customized and specially designed products according to customer’s specifications, samples, and processing requirements with customer’s choice of materials.

Southfield MI Baling Equipment and Supplies Wholesale Anxin USA Chicken Wire Hex netting Baling Wire Hexagonal netting. Chicken Wire Hex netting Baling Wire Hexagonal netting. Business Reviews Anxin USA Testimonials

Chicken Wire, Hex Netting, Baling Wire, Hexagonal Netting.

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