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London Surgical Instruments Manufacturers 37 Stevenage Road Syze Co is a manufacturer and supplier of Dental Instruments and Surgical Instruments. The company is based in UK having its manufacturing units in Pakistan. They have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of stunning products for more than 10 years. Syze Co also offers its products and services to other retailers, wholesalers, medical and health organizations, laboratories and online stores. Following are some of the exclusive services of Syze Co:


• Custom Orders

• Custom Branding

• Leading manufacturers

• Skilled craftsmanship

• Wholesale Orders

• Most Competitive prices

• Online Catalogs

• Trade Enquiries

• High Surgical Grade stainless steel construction

• Multiple product finishes offered

• MOQ orders

• Instant response


• Dental Instruments

• Surgical Instruments

• Dental Rubber Dams, Crown Removers and Impression Trays

• Practice Lab Sets

• Orthodontic Instruments

• Orthodontic Implants

• Dental Forceps

• Scalars and Probes

• Dental Mirrors and Handles

• Surgical Scissors, Forceps and Tweezers

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