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Welcomt to Chalet Realty Inc, we are Real Estate serving Syracuse area, IN. Visit us at 814 S Huntington St, Syracuse, IN, 46567-1810 viewed so far 4840 times. View Location Chalet Realty Inc. real estate -- Wednesday, February 18, 2009 Chalet Realty Inc reviews

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Amikana reviewed on Chalet Realty Inc

business listing rating pHi Joyce,/ppI actually aoemrd over to your blog via a twitter post from OC Restaurant Week and read your bio./ppI found it interesting that you are an RN and now work in real estate. My educational background is in Computer Programming. I worked at a sub-prime mortgage company for 3 years after college (please don't blame me, I was only in the Loan Servicing Department / IT guy). While I was there I got really interested in the business and had always wanted to get into it, but then the market crashed and the company closed down./ppAfter that job I got my current job as a Database Programmer. Although I like my work I find myself with plenty of free time after 5 and on the weekedns and not as much income as I would like./ppWhat are your opinions on part time real estate careers? I know when I was looking for a home, I always made appointments after the usual 8 hour work day. It this something I can do after 5pm? I don't know the difference between an agent, broker, etc. Where should I start in terms of training and getting license, etc./ppYour guidance would be greatly appreciated./ppMike./p posted on Sunday, March 04, 2012

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