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Welcomt to Gods House Ministry, we are Churches serving Lakeside area, CA. Visit us at 13610 Willow Rd, Lakeside, CA, 92040-1912 viewed so far 3442 times. View Location Gods House Ministry. churches -- Thursday, January 08, 2009 Gods House Ministry reviews

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Gods House Ministry Reviews

Walter Santos reviewed on Gods House Ministry

business listing rating In 1995, I arrived at Calvary Ranch totally addicted to pain killers. I was basically homeless and broke. Full of shame and guilt. I surrended myself to God, that program and started to follow the directions. In a short time, I found myself with a renewed outlook of hope. By the time I graduated, I was ready to start my journey back to the land of the living and become a productive member of society.
The simple program at Calvary Ranch was really easy to follow and when I had rough moments, the staff tenderly guided me to simple faith based Christian program. It is amazing that the Bible has answers for everything that we suffer from. I graduated in 1996 and write this today having applied what I learned. My life is great and God gets the glory. Thank you, Calvary Ranch. posted on Saturday, February 05, 2011

Monika Anderson view on Gods House Ministry

business listing rating Both my sons went to Calvary Ranch with great success. It truly is the place where God does the healing. They both went to non-christian rehabs before they went to Calvary Ranch with little to no success. If you made the mistake of not giving your kids the sound Christian principles that you had hope to give because of your spouse or what ever the reason it is not too late. My sons will never be the same and I am truly grateful for the love and instruction the staff of Calvary Ranch has given to my sons. It is worth every penny and they only have 12 residents at a time so you or your loved one will get the best treatment possible. posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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