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Gold Frankincense Myrrh Gift

Welcomt to Gold Frankincense Myrrh Gift, we are Gift Shops serving Costa Mesa area, CA. Visit us at 3150 Bear St, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626-2926 viewed so far 2688 times. View Location Gold Frankincense Myrrh Gift. gift shops -- Sunday, May 24, 2009 Gold Frankincense Myrrh Gift reviews

Location Address:
Gold Frankincense Myrrh Gift
3150 Bear St
Costa Mesa,
CA 92626-2926

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Gold Frankincense Myrrh Gift Reviews

Eddy Carl Chapman reviewed on Gold Frankincense Myrrh Gift

business listing rating peace through jesus christ it is nice to think so many people are working for christ i imagine people atthe store talking and praiseing and praying with and about jesus and when people stop by. i was thinking people at the jesus land probly get to wash feet and walkaround blessing people and praying with them they muct have an excellent experioence with christ. i washed my neigbors feet and tried real hard to have jesus heal his toe nail and i havent asked or seen but he let me free with christ i appreiciate it with him. a shoe store whould be a great spot to wash feet getting permissions and what ever prime location who dont want clean feet after a long hot sandy walk after all we have not been till we walked all of jerusalim lol. posted on Sunday, October 06, 2013

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