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Welcomt to Goodyear Service Ctr, we are Tire-Dealers-Retail serving Atlanta area, GA. Visit us at 2475 Cumberland Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA, 30339-6132 viewed so far 3185 times. View Location Goodyear Service Ctr. tire dealers retail -- Saturday, November 22, 2008 Goodyear Service Ctr reviews

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Goodyear Service Ctr
2475 Cumberland Pkwy SE
GA 30339-6132

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Goodyear Service Ctr Reviews

Mr. Support reviewed on Goodyear Service Ctr

business listing rating Quoted one price after looking at vehicle and then called back with higher price. Problem honoring coupons.

I am on a budget and call to price out work on my vehicle. Goodyear gave me a quote over the phone and when I saved the money to do the work I call back to confirm giving the same info from my first conversation. They confirmed same price. I drove in and once again confirmed the price after the Goodyear rep looked at my vehicle and its engine. He checked everything on their computer and gave me the billing to sign for authorization. One hour later, by phone, I was told the cost would be about double and they had already started work on my vehicle. I told them to cancel all work. I asked if they would then honor the coupon I had for the work they did before they called me. 'NO, NO WAY we would be loosing money' the rep told me. I returned to pickup my vehicle and talked with the manager. He helped defuse the situation. I did not get what I was told and wasted my time in the process. 1 to 10 rating, a 1 only because the manager did take time to try and work this out. If not for him the rating would be a -10. My advice, back away from their door, put your coupon down and drive away as quickly as you can.
posted on Monday, November 08, 2010

Andrew Barrow view on Goodyear Service Ctr

business listing rating These guys do a quick job and didn't offer me anything they did not think I needed. I'll go back again! posted on Friday, March 25, 2011

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