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Welcomt to Data Forms and Out Sourcing, we are Business Forms and Systems (Wholesale) serving Marietta area, GA. Visit us at 2820 Forest Wood Dr NE, Marietta, GA, 30066-1468 viewed so far 2067 times. View Location Data Forms and Out Sourcing. business forms and systems wholesale -- Saturday, October 11, 2008 Data Forms and Out Sourcing reviews

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James reviewed on Data Forms and Out Sourcing

business listing rating I really like the agenhcs you've made here and recently installed the latest version. However, I just called load.project' in an older project directory only to be reminded that config/global.yaml' is not present. It's easy enough to copy the new directories into my old project, but you might consider adding a function to update old projects to make it quick and transparent.Also, I have a number of scripts in src/ that I usually want loaded at the same time as I run load.project()'. That is, they're functions that I'm actively developing, but the next step after calling load.project() is usually to load these so I can continue development. I previously had these source commands in lib/load_libraries.R (as a bit of a kluge). Did you have a plan for auto-loading stuff in src/ or is that contrary to your intended usage? posted on Monday, March 05, 2012

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