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Welcomt to Graffs Turf Farms, we are Sod and Sodding Service serving Fort Morgan area, CO. Visit us at 18519 County Road 12, Fort Morgan, CO, 80701-8927 viewed so far 2283 times. View Location Graffs Turf Farms. sod and sodding service -- Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Graffs Turf Farms reviews

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N. Egbert reviewed on Graffs Turf Farms

business listing rating If you are thinking of installing Bella Blue, the new so called 'dought tolerant? Blue grass that allegedly grows slowly and only 2 - 4 inches tall, do your research and read carefull what Graff says about it. I had it installed after i heard about it on the Denver Channel 9 news which no doubt quoted Graff. But i also went to the Denver Garden/Home show and talked to the representative and got the same message.

Almost two months after being installed, the growth varies widely from 6inches in the shade to barely 2 inches where i am walking on it. I have been watering it more than i hope to in the future, and will stop this since it is established. When i called to talk to someone about this, i was told that it should be watered weekly and mowed twice monthly (vs twice a season, per the rep at the homeshow) They seem to be defining dought tolerant as compared to regular Blue Grass. DT needs to be defined just like it is for shrubs, trees, etc. Anyway, all i have to say this is not the product they say it is. Sad as Colorado is heading to another drought this year and Graff is promoting a product that requires too much water...somthing that is in short supply in this state even in good years. Lawns should be banned in my opinion. posted on Thursday, May 03, 2012

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