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Welcomt to Gymnastics Plus, we are Gymnastic Instruction serving Slidell area, LA. Visit us at 58445 Pearl Acres Rd, Slidell, LA, 70461-5421 viewed so far 3655 times. View Location Gymnastics Plus. gymnastic instruction -- Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Gymnastics Plus reviews

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Gymnastics Plus
58445 Pearl Acres Rd
LA 70461-5421

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business listing rating AWFUL~~my grandson was hurt there last night at a birthday party. The young man helping with the party was CHARGING the guest and birthday girl. $10 to help them flip on this long cord! NEVER have I been to a party that they charged kids extra to do something! Every kid was asking their parents for money! How do you spell UNPROFFESSONAL. I myself thought this was OUTRAGGES! This young man left his duties to make money off little kids,while a child. HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR,was HURT! He is 4yrs old! While my son-in-law was helping with the other kids-that were left without,suppervision. His child was HURT. Is this why you have parents sign a form that your not responsible? I don't care what your form say but when your employee leaves young children,to make a profit, for whom ever! That VOIDS your form. Its call,NEGLECT. YOU are responsible to provide a number of STAFF to help with these kids and when,ONE LEAVES his position for his own ,WHATEVER. YOU become TOTALLY Responsible for ,ALL the kids. I am TOTALLY POSITIVE that a lawyer would agree,That this is NEGLECT ON YOUR PART AND,by the way,his Dad DID NOT SIGN ANY FORM!! Should his finger be broke...I will need to make an appointment with the owner~either way~ I do EXPECT and answer from someone. Looked for an email address to contact you..none were provided on any of your information! posted on Sunday, March 13, 2011

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