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Dorsey Business School Reviews

Stephanie Reid reviewed on Dorsey Business School

business listing rating I am currently a Dorsey student at the Roseville campus. I start my externship on monday. If you are thinking about going to dorsey, i strongly recommend you choose a better school like Baker. I have had 3 deaths in the family this year. You would think that they would give berevement days that would not interfere with your attendance, like a normal college. Think again. The days that I missed for the 3 funerals counted against me. They only give out excused abscences for being locked up or for being subpeoned. They dont even give you excused absences for surgery. Also the Academic Dean Kathy Bogl does nothing when you come to her with a problem. I went to her with a problem, she did nothing, I contacted corporate and she got very defensive about me calling corporate. And most of the teachers there have no idea what they are teaching. They are not qualified besides 2 really good teachers. My AandP 2 teacher, Ms. Robinson did not have a clue what she was talking about or teaching. I basically had to teach myself. The teachers and staff at Dorsey do not care at all about the students. All they care about is the money. Chrisanne Palmer, Melissa South, and Kathy Bogl all have stuck up, holier-than-tho attitudes and they all talk down to the students. Chrisanne Palmer basically failed one of my closest friends because she didnt like her. A teacher does not fail a student just because that student has an attitude with them. She failed my friend on a blood pressure proficiency. With all proficiencies, you get 3 chances. My friend was on her third chance when they rushed her through her proficiency the last ten minutes of class. Of course if you are rushed, you are going to mess up, so Palmer failed her. So I called corporate and someone told the director Mark Young that i called corporate and he called me. I thought he was going to pass her but it was just a huge front to get me to not call corporate. It was all a set up. They were completly out to get my friend. They had her come in today after her finals. They made her practice like 30 times and she was dead on each time. You would think they would use that as her proficiencies. NOPE. They made her do 3 more and Ms. Kelly told her she was wrong on 2. The first one she was off by a little and she waited exactly a minute and when she redid the blood pressure on the student (who was not moving at all by the way) Ms. Kelly told her she was 6 off. The blood pressure does not get higher when you are sitting down, so how did Ms. Kelly get that reading? Then when she did the second one, Ms. Kelly told her the bottom number was 72. But thats not possible because my friend completly deflated it at 76. So how can you hear it at 72 if there is no air in it? All the teachers that were supposedly going to help my friend, screwed her over. Now she has to retake one class because all the teachers (besides a few) will cover each other. Bogl even went as for to tell students that she wouldnt even let them help her own mother. A dean SHOULD NEVER EVER say that to a student. They make Dorsey look all nice and they will say anything to get you in. I am telling you right now that it is a lie. They tell you when you first apply that your class sizes will be small. That is an outright lie. All my classes besides my last 2 had over 20 people in the class. That is definetly not a small class size. And you think Dorsey is clean??? THINK AGAIN. In building C at the Roseville campus, we had BED BUGS!!!! This school is a complete joke. And when you ask about all the problems at Dorsey, they lie to cover it up. I wasted a year of my life, $16,000 and now i might not be able to find a job BECAUSE I WENT TO DORSEY. Do yourself a favor and do not apply here or go here. It is not worth your time and it is certainely not worth your money. Dorsey is a joke and it shouldnt even be called a school. If you really knew what went on at Dorsey. I could have that school shut down in a heart beat. We had a student steal a butterfly needle and they drew blood at the bus stop and left the needle contaminated with blood and the blood tube at the bus stop. We have students drawing blood when the teacher leaves the room, students eating in the lab rooms, and students walking around with uncapped needles (all of which are against OSHA). This is such a bad school. I wish I knew all the horrible things that went on before I started school. posted on Friday, November 05, 2010

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