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Welcomt to Duckback Products Inc, we are Coatings-Protective-Manufacturers serving Chico area, CA. Visit us at 2644 Hegan Ln, Chico, CA, 95928-9572 viewed so far 3845 times. View Location Duckback Products Inc. coatings protective manufacturers -- Tuesday, January 06, 2009 Duckback Products Inc reviews

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Duckback Products Inc
2644 Hegan Ln
CA 95928-9572

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Rodger Morrison reviewed on Duckback Products Inc

business listing rating I have been working with Duckback solid color-stain for over 2 years now,and I am running out of product-fast!The application of this product that I inherited was a solid-color stain(golden-husk),used on all of the metal doors installed at the factory.Atco were the builders of these trailers.Your DuckBack stain is the best coating I've ever seen.It works well on both interior and exterior apps.I really need to get more,but no-one here in Fort-Macmurray Alberta,Canada,seems to ever have heard of it.I could use any information that you might have,thanx. posted on Monday, December 13, 2010

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