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Welcomt to Accentra Home Healthcare, we are Home Health Service serving Oklahoma City area, OK. Visit us at 4350 Will Rogers Pkwy # 500, Oklahoma City, OK, 73108-1845 viewed so far 2099 times. View Location Accentra Home Healthcare. home health service -- Sunday, November 16, 2008 Accentra Home Healthcare reviews

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Accentra Home Healthcare
4350 Will Rogers Pkwy # 500
Oklahoma City,
OK 73108-1845

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business listing rating I have found them to be very poor for the following reasons: 1. I have to call to tell them that no one showed up today for the umteenth time 2. When you call, many times you get an answering machine and have to leave a msg. even during their business hours. Do they not have a receptionist to answer the phones? 3. The woman who answers the phone, Melissa, needs to learn how to deal with patients and their families. She has actually gotten nasty at times but I am just caling to inform them that no one has showed up and there are times no one has called to tell me that no one is coming. 4. I know I have been lied to but won't go into it here. The caregivers- some are absolutely great but few are! Some lazy and no one checks up on them??? No one calls me to ask me how the caregivers, etc. are doing? Does not anyone do this? I changed companies and I love them. One time I called, that girl was gone and it was not even a major thing. posted on Saturday, May 12, 2012

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