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Welcomt to Envirospec, we are Pressure Washing Equipment (Wholesale) serving Homerville area, GA. Visit us at 751 Mlk Hwy, Homerville, GA, 31634 0000 viewed so far 3863 times. View Location Envirospec. pressure washing equipment wholesale -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Envirospec reviews

Location Address:
751 Mlk Hwy
GA 31634 0000

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Email: ***********@envirospec.com
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Jim reviewed on Envirospec

business listing rating Over the years I have been doing business with Envirospec and have been pleased until the last year or so. When I need to place an order I normally prefer to call in and speak with a live person but have been directed to place one online and was told I'd save money by ordering that way. The problem comes when the website is faulty and definitely not user friendly! I end up every time sitting for an hour or more trying to place an order which is always difficult to do if not impossible to do. So then I end up calling them out of frustration and they sigh and act like its me with the problem. I really have tried to do things their way and feel that their new way of doing business is customer service nonexistent and that they treat the animals they help better than their customers. Very frustrating! posted on Sunday, January 19, 2014

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