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Welcomt to Firelands Counseling Recovery, we are Alcoholism Information and Treatment Ctrs serving Norwalk area, OH. Visit us at 292 Benedict Ave, Norwalk, OH, 44857-2374 viewed so far 2677 times. View Location Firelands Counseling Recovery. alcoholism information and treatment ctrs -- Monday, October 20, 2008 Firelands Counseling Recovery reviews

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Firelands Counseling Recovery
292 Benedict Ave
OH 44857-2374

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Nicole reviewed on Firelands Counseling Recovery

business listing rating Review by Laurie S. Reilly for Rating: As a talk show host I am accustom to being indteanud with requests from PR folks trying to get me to book their particular client on my show to plug their book. Since I didn't like my current events show to be a blatant advertisement for a writer, I generally delete these types of solicitation 25 times a day. In fact I had hit delete on the email regarding Chris Prentiss's book just as my eye caught a phrase and I had to actually retrieve the message. It was the cure rate of better than 80% that got my attention, and triggered my skepticism along with a tiny sliver of hope since I knew how many times friends and members of my own family had fallen off the wagon. I booked Chris for 15 minutes and they sent me the book. A few days beforehand I thought I better skim the book so I could ask him some tough questions. I read the entire book and called the pr representative back and booked Chris for the entire show. I think what hooked me was Chris's comment about observing an AA meeting where people were 'white knuckling their way through sobriety . Controversial statement. And true for too many. The book was specific about the path. Find the underlying cause(s). Work on that. The true story of his son's journey was engaging and encouraging. For weeks and months after the show I received emails and phone calls from listeners: What was the name of that guy again? What's the name of his book? Of all the shows and topics I have covered in 17 years on air, I have never received such a response. posted on Sunday, August 26, 2012

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