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Welcomt to Hughston Orthopedic Hospital, we are Hospitals serving Columbus area, GA. Visit us at 100 Frist Ct, Columbus, GA, 31909-3578 viewed so far 2748 times. View Location Hughston Orthopedic Hospital. hospitals -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Hughston Orthopedic Hospital reviews

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Hughston Orthopedic Hospital
100 Frist Ct
GA 31909-3578

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Hughston Orthopedic Hospital Reviews

Sue Finch reviewed on Hughston Orthopedic Hospital

business listing rating My husband has been a patient in the rehabilitation center at Hughston Hospital since 11 February 2011. He had a massive middle cerebral arterial stroke on 28 January 2011. When he was admitted he couldn't talk or swallow. He had a total deficit of the right side. The speech therapist, Brittni Dickinson, was a God send. She got him to eating, drinking and talking again. However, I can't say much for the physical therapy side. They were very complacent and not willing to do agreesive therapy in order to aid him in walking until I approached them on day 20 of the 24 day approved admission. I told them that I was very disappointed in the treatment plan because they had only concentrated on wheelchair transfers. They then extended his therapy by 7 days and began working on walking with him. He has been able to walk 50 feet with moderate assistance which further solidifies my opinion of the first three weeks being wasted. The nursing staff as a whole is good however I have found him wet on numerous occasions to where his being wet had to be hours. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone's family that can't speak unless you can stay with them 24 hours a day. posted on Thursday, March 10, 2011

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