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Gentry Motor Co
1719 E Jackson St
IL 61455-2503

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Gentry Motor Co Reviews

Happy Customer reviewed on Gentry Motor Co

business listing rating I bought a Subaru from them and I highly recommend Gentry Motor for a few reasons.
1. They found me the car I wanted -even the color!
2. They made the financing part so easy and seamless for me
3. I got a great trade in value.
4. My car has been AWESOME and ROCK SOLID car, except once. That wasn't Gentry's fault though. It was when the Jiffy Lube drained the transmission fluid instead of oil, then filled that area with oil. (???) I was alone, out of state and miles from home. I was so scared and bummed out when they said it was gonna be about $800 to fix. I was feeling pretty lost. But I decided to call J.R. at Gentry's, who is the finance manager. He gave me everything I needed to know, and even talked to the Subaru service manager to make sure every loop was closed. I was so grateful. J.R. just really went over, above and beyond to help me when I needed help. I will never forget that kindness, commitment, service and loyalty. posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jordan And Kim view on Gentry Motor Co

business listing rating My husband was looking for a decent car to drive to and from work that got good gas mileage. Plus it had to be something he enjoyed driving and Gentry Motor Company had the perfect car! posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011

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