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business listing rating Aerforme manufactures oceanographic soft structures, including underwater drogues used with devices to measure sub-surface ocean currents. they have been in the oceanographic support business since 1971. They have an international client base.

They currently supply the majority of the drogues used in the world ocean current experiment, WOCE/TOGA, funded through NOAA and administered by Scripps Oceanographic Institute.

They were involved in product and sail development for the 1992 and 1995 America's Cup events held in San Diego, California, including the development of carbon fiber sail cloth.

Aerforme manufactured, and installed, on site in Brisbane, Australia, the 50 foot in diameter World Globe, that was inflated in 90 seconds to open World Expo, 1988. For this event, they also built, assembled and installed on site, a series of floating, illuminated geometric cities, in the Brisbane River, the'Cubistic Flotilla.'

Aerforme specializes in custom product development and prototype work for the oceanograhic industry and welcome the opportunity to help bring on board new devices. posted on Thursday, December 09, 2010

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