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Hamel Lesage Studio

Welcomt to Hamel Lesage Studio, we are Glass-Stained and Leaded serving Barre area, MA. Visit us at 328 Old Dana Rd, Barre, MA, 01005-9437 viewed so far 650 times. View Location Hamel Lesage Studio. glass stained and leaded -- Friday, February 22, 2008 Hamel Lesage Studio reviews

Location Address:
Hamel Lesage Studio
328 Old Dana Rd
MA 01005-9437

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Email: ****@hlstudio.com
Categories: Glass-Stained and Leaded [more businesses in Glass-Stained and Leaded]

Chasuble, Chasubles, Stoles, Stole, Vesture, Liturgical Vesture, Vestments, Funeral Pall, Palls, Mitres, Mitre, Cope, Copes

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