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Welcomt to Help Desk Guys, we are Computer Bulletin Boards serving Fisher area, MN. Visit us at 313 Thompson Ave, Fisher, MN, 56723-4000 viewed so far 2620 times. View Location Help Desk Guys. computer bulletin boards -- Thursday, April 28, 2011 Help Desk Guys reviews

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Help Desk Guys
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MN 56723-4000

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Dona reviewed on Help Desk Guys

business listing rating im sure you could go to your local home depot or small hardware store and get some luebmr. You could probably go to your local landfill burn pile and get enough to build a desk. If you've ever heard of, its a yahoo group, you may find something you could use on there. Ive seen plans to make desks out of old pianos, or old doors, and they looked pretty neat. I have an old piano ive gutted, one with a neat sliding door that im gonna use, when i get around to finishing it. posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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