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Welcomt to Independent Group Home Living, we are Group Homes serving Manorville area, NY. Visit us at 288 Chapman Blvd, Manorville, NY, 11949-3125 viewed so far 3787 times. View Location Independent Group Home Living. group homes -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Independent Group Home Living reviews

Location Address:
Independent Group Home Living
288 Chapman Blvd
NY 11949-3125

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Email: **********@ighl.org
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Independent Group Home Living Reviews

Lorraine reviewed on Independent Group Home Living

business listing rating PLEASE GIVE YOUR NEIGHBORS A BREAK WE PAY HIGH TAXES AND CAN'T EVEN SIT OUTSIDE WITH COMPANY ON OUR OWN PROPERTY WITHOUT HEARING THESE PEOPLE SCREAM AND SOUND LIKE THEY GETTING KILLED ....OUR GRAND CHILDREN ARE HORRIFIED LISTENING TO THIS . CALLED AND ASKED THEM TO AT LEAST SHUT THE WINDOWS AND BETTER YET MOVE THE SCREAMER TO A NEW LOCATION....LIVED HERE FOR 28 YEARS AND IT IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE....please help us with this situation after all this is run by the state and it is our tax money ....The worst thing is to be told by the workers that they can't help it??????????????????????/ posted on Thursday, September 05, 2013

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