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Welcomt to Lampson International LTD, we are Crane Service serving Commerce City area, CO. Visit us at 4305 E 60th Ave, Commerce City, CO, 80022-3113 viewed so far 3320 times. View Location Lampson International LTD. crane service -- Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Lampson International LTD reviews

Location Address:
Lampson International LTD
4305 E 60th Ave
Commerce City,
CO 80022-3113

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Scott Clements reviewed on Lampson International LTD

business listing rating Dear Sir

I live in FT. Collins Co.

I have two LT 2600's with Lampson colors and logo that were produced by Classic Construction Models. They have never been removed from there boxes. I would like to sell one or both and thought you might be interested.
My cell# 860-372-8516 posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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