Welcomt to Langdon Tool Bolt Supply, we are Welding serving Buhl area, ID. Visit us at 223 Broadway Ave S, Buhl, ID, 83316-1308 viewed so far 2113 times. View Location Langdon Tool Bolt Supply. welding -- Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Langdon Tool Bolt Supply reviews

Location Address:
Langdon Tool Bolt Supply
223 Broadway Ave S
ID 83316-1308

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Phone: 2085435698
Fax: 2085436252
Email: *****@rustyengine.com
Categories: Welding [more businesses in Welding]

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John Collins reviewed on Langdon Tool Bolt Supply

business listing rating Dear Lauren Langdon, I am an American who works in a Prison outreach program in Colima, Mex. A friend of yours is in prison here ('he is where his brother was'), says he can get out if a small fine is paid. His name is Rosalio Robles. He said he only has part of your phone number. I will give him the numbers listed on the Langdon Tool Bolt Supply site. I could not find an e-mail address for you other than this. He said you looked like Santa Claus and lived in Boise Id (I live half the year in Wyoming), so looking at your picture, I guess you are his friend. He also gave me the Rustyengine web site. Contact me if you want me to help him, or try and contact him directly. He is in CERESO in Colima, Colima (the large Med. Security Prison in Colima) He seemed like a nice guy. John D. Collins, Pastoral Penetenciaria, Colima Mexico posted on Monday, January 10, 2011

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