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Welcomt to Lin Mar Development Corp, we are Home Builders serving Fallston area, MD. Visit us at 2415 Baldwin Mill Rd, Fallston, MD, 21047-1330 viewed so far 2425 times. View Location Lin Mar Development Corp. home builders -- Sunday, February 01, 2009 Lin Mar Development Corp reviews

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Lin Mar Development Corp
2415 Baldwin Mill Rd
MD 21047-1330

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Daniel reviewed on Lin Mar Development Corp

business listing rating How happy and satisfied we are that we chose Lin-Mar Homes 'Al' to build our house. While home hunting and after a slow start and month after month of cumbersome efforts dealing with the other 'so called custom builders', we were extremely happy to have found and chosen Al's company to build our comfortable little home. What a pleasure we had working with Al and his team of professionals throughout the building process. This was demonstrated daily as Al's team took the time to provide to us answers to our questions or by making us rest assured that any and all corrections would be taken care of. From the very beginning and in having the ability in being able to change the design to meet what we were looking for clearly indicated to us that Lin-Mar was truly a custom builder. Al's direct line of communication to a team of professionals has continued to prove to us Al's company doesn't stop when the homes complete, but until the home is complete. Al's teams of professionals have been inspirational and have been responding in a timely manner to correct the, little problems we've encountered and continue to return to ensure we are not having problems with our home. It has been a relief to us not to have had any major problems. Since the completion of our house, not a day goes by that we receive compliments from our neighbors in how beautiful our home looks. Not a day goes by without having to listen to our future neighbor's dissatisfaction with their builder's lack of response or failing to deliver as promised. All we keep thinking is 'that would've never have happened if they had used Lin-Mar to build their home'.

So lastly, we kick back and relax in our comfortable little home because we have little or no complaints. We owe it all to Al and the Lin-Mar Company and team of professionals. For some reason I keep saying 'team of professionals', maybe because it's true. I say to Al, keep doing what you do and thank you over and over and over again. posted on Saturday, December 11, 2010

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