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Welcomt to Lincare Inc Co Oxygen Co, we are Oxygen (Wholesale) serving Billings area, MT. Visit us at 2712 7th Ave N, Billings, MT, 59101-1105 viewed so far 3565 times. View Location Lincare Inc Co Oxygen Co. oxygen wholesale -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Lincare Inc Co Oxygen Co reviews

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John P Dangelo reviewed on Lincare Inc Co Oxygen Co

business listing rating hi my name is john p dangelo and i been with lincare for maney of years started in flornia back in 2003 when it was supior. and i have not had much problems with lincare, that couldn,t be worked out.... but NOW i was living in lee flornia up til pass aug. 2010 will i was there i had to deal with lakecity office, a young lady named tammy she was great.. but she had to leave due to personal reason. and there had hired a new girl and deliv. man... while i was there in lee flor. i had to drive myself and most of the time had to get some one to drive me. to lake city to get my oxygen and to bring my big mach. to the office to get my oxygen and to get the mach. checked out.. but in july 2010 be fore i moved here i had to go to lakecity to get my oxygen for the trip n move but was unable to bring the bigmach out ther to be tested i did have it tested the moth before when tammy was there.. but when i was unable to bring it there they sent the drive to my home just to be tested and charge me the $56.80 that was not need and i shouldn,t had been charge. i have been on a heartship acct. for over 6years. in fla. and now here they have me on it. all i get is $818.00 a month out of that rent hospital ,med. and overall living. which most of the time i cann,t even buy food. to eat. they now have a person that comes in to clean the apt. and started meals on wheels i have tried number on time to get this bill worked out but no one will help me!!!! i never had this problem before in fla. and the people here in clovis. nm.88101 are great! but will not help me in this matter... still keep getting billed and i donot have anymoney the people out in oklahoma city, ok which i have to work with just don,t care nor will they help me in this matter.. they did put me on the heartship case but will not WILL NOT take care of this bill..... please i don,t know what to do please can you help me .. i don,t know whom to turn too. thank you deeply for your or anyhelp you can help with john p dangelo... jhon p dangelo 3407 lore st. apt. c clovis, nm. 88101 phone lifeline 575-218-3384the bill comes for lincare inc. 23078 oklahoma city, ok. 73123-2078 customer id.# 242-6814 invoice#y1446419 dated again 03-22-2011 for $56.80 please help me don,t know where to turn... i shouldn,t have this bill to begain with!!! the unit was tested the month before.. and just because i couldn,t bring it to the office in lakecity, fla. they had to come to my home to test it .. when i could not get them to delev my oxygen to me because they wouldn,t to far and i have to pay for a test and up keep of the unit that lincare that it up to them to do... posted on Thursday, March 24, 2011

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