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Welcomt to Lets Play Sports Inc, we are Stadiums Arenas and Athletic Fields serving San Diego area, CA. Visit us at 9606 Aero Dr # 1300, San Diego, CA, 92123-1869 viewed so far 2564 times. View Location Lets Play Sports Inc. stadiums arenas and athletic fields -- Saturday, November 15, 2008 Lets Play Sports Inc reviews

Location Address:
Lets Play Sports Inc
9606 Aero Dr # 1300
San Diego,
CA 92123-1869

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Email: *********@letsplaysoccer.com
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Lets Play Sports Inc Reviews

Zach reviewed on Lets Play Sports Inc

business listing rating Let's Play Soccer in Denver, CO is the worst facility to play at EVER!!!! Well, unless of course you speak Spanish and don't mind being treat like crap by staff members. The place is disgusting, the location is terrible, and 90% of the people who play there are only Spanish speaking, dirty playing, trash talking, racist jerks! STAY AWAY! posted on Saturday, October 09, 2010

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