Welcomt to Lignetics Inc, we are Wood Products Nec (Manufacturers) serving Kootenai area, ID. Visit us at 31756 Highway 200 E, Kootenai, ID, 83840 0000 viewed so far 3019 times. View Location Lignetics Inc. wood products nec manufacturers -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Lignetics Inc reviews

Location Address:
Lignetics Inc
31756 Highway 200 E
ID 83840 0000

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Phone: 2082630564
Fax: 2082639292
Email: *****
Categories: Wood Products Nec (Manufacturers) [more businesses in Wood Products Nec (Manufacturers)]

Wood, Sawdust, Fireplace, Stove, Basket, Firestarter, Fire Starter, Heat, Furnace, Fuel, Biomass, Alternative Fuels, Bbq, Lignetics, Fireplace, Presto Logs, Pres-to-logs, Logs, Wood Pellets, Pellets, Fuel Pellets, Presto, Fire

Lignetics Inc Reviews

Mariam reviewed on Lignetics Inc

business listing rating This company has terrible customer service. I spoke to a KATHY person that was rude and hung up on me. posted on Monday, February 24, 2014

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