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business listing rating Thank you for the thoughtful rieevw, Kah Kit! I also appreciate the kind words and should say I admire your work as well and have enjoyed your images and musings for some time now.Perhaps some clarification is needed on my part. As you know, I have been a digital photographer myself for several years now and can say with confidence that there's little if anything I miss about film. My intent with this blog post, as with the previous one, was to examine the state of photography as a vocation, movement, artistic pursuit, maybe even culture; and how much of it is still about creativity and personal expression vs. a social or fashionable passtime. Certainly these topics are not unique to our time but I do feel that, as a whole, photography may be farther today in its acceptance as an artistic and spiritual pursuit than it was in earlier times.I DO think digital technology had something to do with it, though not due to its technical aspects but, rather, in tipping the balance towards the technical, the gimmicky, and the casual as opposed to the meaningful and the creative.When compared to other forms of visual art, photography is at a disadvantage. Anyone with a fancy camera and software can lay claim to importance and expertise, whether they practiced their craft for a decade or a fortnight. Imagine what the world of painting would be like if kindergarten doodles were given equal representation to classic masterpieces, or what the world of music would be like if anyone owning a kazoo was given equal air time as a seasoned classical pianist.So, not a knock on digital photography per se, but rather a concerned observation about the photographic status quo.Guy posted on Monday, March 05, 2012

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