Mercantile is the starting point for receivables management services that create real value for your business, while allowing you to improve customer

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Rochester Collection Agencies 40 West Ave Mercantile is an accounts receivable management firm specializing in third-party contingency collection services and the development of billing programs designed to the specific needs of all segments of business. Results oriented debt collection programs reduce your delinquent accounts receivable while attempting to maintain customer relationships.Mercantile operates call centers in Buffalo and Rochester, New York.

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Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Reviews

New York Bum reviewed on Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

business listing rating This company run by unprofessional people
Today 032411 I have almost settled the claim with Bank of america but the jerks of the company I remember only one name

Greg Gajkowski DSC Supervisor
866-889-5222 ext 8234

After talking to people in this company you wanna pay money straight to Bank of America
posted on Friday, March 25, 2011

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