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Welcomt to Malber USA Inc, we are Appliances-Household-Major-Manufacturers serving Garden City area, NY. Visit us at 61 Commercial Ave, Garden City, NY, 11530-6417 viewed so far 4806 times. View Location Malber USA Inc. appliances household major manufacturers -- Saturday, October 01, 2011 Malber USA Inc reviews

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Malber USA Inc
61 Commercial Ave
Garden City,
NY 11530-6417

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I have a Malber P25 front load washer. I need a repair man because I have a few problems and I cannot find any on that repairs this machine. First of all I cannot put bleach in a white wash beacuse when I put in the next wash and it should be dark clothes they get all bleached. The only wash I can get hot water is for a short wash. Now I can not start the machine at all the red button refuses to go on when push in and the button does not stay in. Please give the bame of a repair man. Thankyou posted on Friday, January 21, 2011

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