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Muncie Dragway
7901 E State Road 28-67
IN 47320-9132

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Muncie Dragway Reviews

C. Stewart reviewed on Muncie Dragway

business listing rating We went to Night of Fire on Aug 3rd 2013..said gates open at 9 trials at 12 altho the radio announced 10 and the person who answered phone when I called also said trials start at we drove 2 hours to get there at 10 a.m so we could enjoy the entire experience. Sat there until 1:40 before ANYTHING AT ALL even got on track. For some reason they blamed it on rain. WELL WE HAD BEEN THERE SINCE 10 AND IT HAD NOT RAINED AT ALL AND TRACK WAS NOT WET. Even if track had been wet, there were 20 employees standing around doing NOTHING FOR 4 HOURS. FINALLY they get things going. I will sum this up quickly. We watched junior drags 5 different times had 4 intermissions and only got to see cars we had come to actually see 2 times and then they had 3 JET CARS. So basically we spent $20 a head and 14 hours at MUNCIE DRAGWAY to watch kids race! WORST MONEY AND TIME I HAVE EVER SPENT! NOT TO MENTION THE PLACE IS SO BEAT DOWN ITS RIDICULOUS! We have been to Night of Fire in Florida and in Carolina and it was fantastic. MUNCIE DRAGWAY you should be ashamed. posted on Sunday, August 04, 2013

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