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Aquatron Irrigation

-- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Aquatron Irrigation reviews

Location Address:
Aquatron Irrigation
155 Anderson Rd
GA 30004-3306

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Email: ********@aol.com
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Aquatron Irrigation Reviews

Cm reviewed on Aquatron Irrigation

business listing rating Questionable expertise and ethics
We had Aquatron come to our home to make some repairs to our sprinkler system. At $90 per hour, a prudent person would assume they knew what they were doing. Evidently not, as the system leaked after they were complete with the work. So they attempted to make the repairs a second time; again, the system leaked when they were done. We found another contractor to complete the work properly. Aquatron sent us a bill for their second round of 'repairs' even though they never fixed it in either two attempt! Even if they did perform good work, I would avoid them based upon their shady business/billing practices. posted on Monday, December 13, 2010

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