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Welcomt to New Destiny Treatment Ctr, we are Alcoholism Information and Treatment Ctrs serving Clinton area, OH. Visit us at 6694 Taylor Rd, Clinton, OH, 44216-9201 viewed so far 2721 times. View Location New Destiny Treatment Ctr. alcoholism information and treatment ctrs -- Sunday, July 06, 2008 New Destiny Treatment Ctr reviews

Location Address:
New Destiny Treatment Ctr
6694 Taylor Rd
OH 44216-9201

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Cleotilde reviewed on New Destiny Treatment Ctr

business listing rating The first thing I told them was to get organized. They had so many caampigns going, it was like going through a pack rat's garage. Some of their caampigns had EXTREMELY low CTRs, I told them to ditch those caampigns. I also suggested new creatives for the ones that worked previously and had grown stale. I checked with them one day after the changes and they could already tell a significant difference. They were oblivious to something so obvious. If a campaign has a low CTR, it needs to be optimized. This affiliate had success for so long they were ignoring one of the most basic concepts. Thanks for the comment Jimmy! posted on Sunday, August 26, 2012

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