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Welcomt to Pacific Intercultural Exchange, we are Non-Profit Organizations serving San Diego area, CA. Visit us at 8880 Rio San Diego Dr # 1045, San Diego, CA, 92108-1644 viewed so far 2457 times. View Location Pacific Intercultural Exchange. non profit organizations -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Pacific Intercultural Exchange reviews

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Pacific Intercultural Exchange
8880 Rio San Diego Dr # 1045
San Diego,
CA 92108-1644

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Email: *****@pieusa.org
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Nikki Whittum reviewed on Pacific Intercultural Exchange

business listing rating Actually it was our first time hosting and we did everything we were asked and even began communication with the two students . It started as one and p.i.e. called and asked us to house another. We graciously accepted and changed our plans to move on with 2 instead of one. Communication with P.I.E. is not a strong point for them which made things difficult. There was a problem getting the kids into school. One of the area reps after a week got it handled. We assume we were a problem host family because 2 days after getting them they were removed from our home without notification. Scared my 15 year old son and upset my children and then told us we did not feed the kids because they said so and we didn't have a big enough home however, it was big enough for my family of 5 and they took pictures and verified it was big enough. Lots of excuses. The exchange students then told lies and made it difficult for my son in his own school. To top things off P.I.E. was not aware the kids had been removed and when we found their placement was underhandedly placed with very dear friends of ours and cost a friendship over a 10 month stay of a student nobody knew. We have asked for explanation and get excuses. posted on Thursday, September 23, 2010

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