Florida abortion clinic: North Florida Women's Health and Counseling Services Talahassee, Florida abortion clinic

Welcomt to North Florida Womens Health, we are Abortion Information and Services serving Tallahassee area, FL. Visit us at 1345 Cross Creek Cir, Tallahassee, FL, 32301-3729 viewed so far 2573 times. View Location North Florida Womens Health. abortion information and services -- Friday, July 29, 2011 North Florida Womens Health reviews

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North Florida Womens Health
1345 Cross Creek Cir
FL 32301-3729

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Email: **********@prochoice.org
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Paiva reviewed on North Florida Womens Health

business listing rating Ashley, I am totally with you. I am sick of self riguoths people sitting in judgement of others when they themselves have never even been in the situation, or understand it.I would never have an abortion, I am lucky that I am in a place in my life where I would never need to. But I do support the right to choose.For all you suggesting adoption, (which is great in the case of a healthy baby, where the birthmom knew she was pregnant right away and abstained from alcohol/drugs), how many of you have welcomed adoptive children into your homes? It's all fine and good to say someone will adopt the baby, but really .have you welcomed a baby that may potentially have brain damage from alcohol or drugs into your home? Many babies of young women who don't realize they are pregnant right away are exposed to slcohol, which causes the brain to be damaged, the baby may look fine, but may have disabilities discovered once older and abstract thinking is being used, these issues often cause these children to need life long support and help, and fasd is more common in our society than all other disabilities combined!So for all you self riguoths judegemental people, are you reasing a child with these issues? If not, you should shut up and realize it is not always so black and white, and growing up in foster care(where many of these kids do) is not an acceptable alternative. posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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