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business listing rating In addition, I keep a set of stradand handouts for reference. Nothing long-winded, but large font text of basic material (each filling an 8.5 x 11 page): The seven wastes The cures (examples of reliable methods to attack the wastes) Steve Spear's four rules An image of the PDCA cycle A page explaining PDCA Kaizen ground rules The calculation of takt time. Examples of operator load chart, spaghetti map, and time-value map A few choice quotes from Shingo, Ohno, and others (e.g. why don't we make work easier that provide some starting places. Reminders from our teachers.We cover all this stuff in the preparatory training, but our people have told us they like having the large format notes during the classroom part of the training, during the change event, and to take with them.Oh, and legos… Though some might count them in a separate training bin, I rarely do simulation type training outside warm-ups for kaizen events , which I emphasize to participants are as much about their training and development as they are about the change we accomplish. posted on Sunday, February 10, 2013

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business listing rating I only wanted to run by these myeabs' that I came across, since every single google search i perform end up bringing results of thread posts that are from TWO years ago! 1) With isntalling redhat or any other linux os, its possible to play .mkv without having to convert or separate video and audio correct? I've used VLC and GOM player etc on pc (though I'm not sure if gom was on linux as well though no doubt it probly is) But if i were to have linux on my ps3, then no real worries concerning media or any such thing right?2) Of course it may seem more than obvious but I'm one that really likes to have people tell me Yes, that is correct (additional insert ~nub ~mouth breather ~ idiot ~inquirer) whenever i ask if something or so and so happens to be true or possible. So here it is, now I like to back up alot of shows etc, but most often they are in .mkv format. I always back it up on dvd and throw those discs in my binder and call it good day. With or without linux is not really the question here. The ps3 will read the media right off the disc, right? (whether it will be able to load it is another question, concerning format etc) And with the addition of gom or vlc players with linux, I dont have to worry about convernting .mkv or any other obscure format so long as there is a codec somewhere in deep space in which i may get my hands on, no?3) Finally, onto the third question! cough*.. ugh i mean fun fact i happened across. Hardrvies A friend of mine and I were discussing this topic as he was trying to help me decide when i had mentioned to him that I was considering buying a console in the near future, as soon as I purcahse another projector that at LEAST had a 720p native res. This same friend owns a 360, and he told me of a horror story of a ps3 owner whom happened to be a friend of his, and how his ps3 hardrive finally gave out and he had to fork out hundreds to get a new hardrive, or consider buying another ps3. This to me sounded absurd! But only because I didnt know as to what type of hardrive the ps3 was compatible with. I searched the topic, and soon discovered that the ps3 uses a simple little 2.5 SATA drive. I almost laughed at the hilarity. No doubt maybe his friend DID fork out hundreds of dollars. But only maybe cause he didnt know any better, or at the time he made the purchase correct? I mean neither did I! I was thinking that perhaps sony used some sort of special harddrive that was only exclusive to the ps3 and in which you had to order directly from them such parts concerning storage! then i started remembering the old days of laptops and my hellish encounters with hardrive failures and priceranges of drives. Then i started thinking omg.. maybe this isnt the right thing to go for then But then that convenient little voice in my head told me DUDE! its been years since then! And you know how the game goes! Hell almost 2-3 years ago when you were look at quad core cpus, they were well over 1k$ dollars! Now you can find em for less than a hundred! and even better newer models are available at those prices! So of course i looked once again and voila! there they be, convenient 320gig 2.5 SATA drives ripe for the pickin! ok enough with the dialogue. Is it true that so long as you can place the drive into the HDD bay of the ps3, you ccan of course use the thing, I mean since its an SATA hookup (even if it didnt fit into the bay it could simply act as an external though of course thats just inconvenient) So yes, 2.5 SATA HDD's are compatible. right?I thank you all, and just for icing on the cake for w/e thats interested or yearning, have a flame war of console goodness. I want hard facts plaguing this thread, from both sides, try to avoid the insults, but if you DO use them at least be creative and original k? I am a new consumer in the market looking for a good time, and I just nd a helping hand here from everyone's frustrations and pride. So go on fanboys , oh please do carry on. Thanks once again, and I hope to hear some juicy details and feedback! posted on Saturday, April 13, 2013

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