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Welcomt to Omni Claim, we are Medical Business Administration serving Winchester area, MA. Visit us at 28 Church St # 10, Winchester, MA, 01890-2538 viewed so far 2696 times. View Location Omni Claim. medical business administration -- Saturday, November 06, 2010 Omni Claim reviews

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Omni Claim
28 Church St # 10
MA 01890-2538

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Mara Lane reviewed on Omni Claim

business listing rating Omni Claim is worst for audits. They do not follow coding guidelines and they pay their auditors 'Bonuses' at the end of the year based on what they brought in. They leave it up to the hospital to prove that they are wrong instead of they proving the hospital is wrong hoping the hospital does not have the resources to fight them. Also it is the same auditor who reviews your appeals. Fraud!!! posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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