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Location Address:
Oxford Street Shelter
203 Oxford St
ME 04101-3012

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Phone: 2077612072
Fax: 2077610536
Email: *****@portlandmaine.com
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Oxford Street Shelter Reviews

Robert Crabtree reviewed on Oxford Street Shelter

business listing rating Today 8/2/2011 I stopped in to see sandy and was told she is with somebody but i could wait, so as i was waiting whoever the old woman is with black hair and glasses called my name out and was the most rude and unprofessional person i have ever delt with, I am reluctent to even ask for help now, she does not know my situation and that i have been living in a rat infested basement for 7 months and i do work my ass off but cant affotd housing and needed some assistance with rent, I am really upset with her tone and attatude,She could of been alittle more polite as people that come there putting there pride aside during a very hard time in my life looking for help deserve.If she doesent know people are under great stress as it is , she should find another job. At least sandy understands what people are going thru and has a heart. posted on Tuesday, August 02, 2011

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