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A Abortion Tubal Ligation Svc
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A Abortion Tubal Ligation Svc Reviews

Mohmmad reviewed on A Abortion Tubal Ligation Svc

business listing rating Hi. I just had my tubal ligation 3 monhts ago already I regret it. I regreted it right away. I never did research on it and I felt pressure by my husband to do it.After my c section it was done I swelled up so bad and below my incision was purple. Since then my periods have been so heavy I soak a pad every 20 min I have severe pain on my sides. I have been to the ob/gyn they gave me an ultrasound no cysts. My question is then why the pain why the heavy bleeding. They did blood work on me and my hormone levels are fine. However they suggested the pill. Or the other option is to get a hysterectomy or uterine ablasion I think its a bit extreme being I am only 34. My question is are all these problems related to having a tubal. I also suffer from extreme hot flashes and then cold. Please help i would really appreciate some solid answers Thank you posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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