R.L. Oatman andamp; Associates, Inc.

Welcomt to R L Oatman and Assoc, we are Investigators serving Baltimore area, MD. Visit us at 600 Fairmount Ave # 101, Baltimore, MD, 21286-1000 viewed so far 3184 times. View Location R L Oatman and Assoc. investigators -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 R L Oatman and Assoc reviews

Location Address:
R L Oatman and Assoc
600 Fairmount Ave # 101
MD 21286-1000

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Email: *****@rloatman.com
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Executive Protection, Executive Protection Training, Bodyguard Training, Bodyguard, Protective Services, Oatman

R L Oatman and Assoc Reviews

John Y.omede reviewed on R L Oatman and Assoc

business listing rating I purchase your recent book on Executive protection:Rise to the challenge and i discovered that no other author can match your master piece. posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tamara view on R L Oatman and Assoc

business listing rating I have been doing TKD for about a year, but decided to stop besucae it was not so effective in real life. Then I moved on to Karate. The result was amazing. Karate is has wayy more defensive moves (katas) unlike fancy TaeKwondo.The main thing that pisses me off is that TKD instructors don't really train in defensive close range combat (with hands), while Karate does both long range (with legs) and close range (with hands).Karate uses more power and even a single blow can be fatal. No Karate move cannot be practiced well without using full power. This makes Karate more accurate than Taekwondo.Taekwondo is a watered down version of taekkyon (which even Koreans themselves think is a better martial art)I have observed many TKD schools are only after your money and some TKD school hand out belts as if it was free! I feel like they are not training them well enough to get a belt upgrade lol!and finally, Karate in in cooler to pronounce Ka-ra-te, unlike Tae-kwon-do. posted on Monday, February 11, 2013

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