Welcomt to Rinker Materials Poly Pipe, we are Pipe-Plastic (Manufacturers) serving Kimball area, NE. Visit us at E Highway 30, Kimball, NE, 69145 0000 viewed so far 3560 times. View Location Rinker Materials Poly Pipe. pipe plastic manufacturers -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Rinker Materials Poly Pipe reviews

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Rinker Materials Poly Pipe
E Highway 30
NE 69145 0000

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Michael G Rowe reviewed on Rinker Materials Poly Pipe

business listing rating I am not sure this is the right site, however, if is not, can you kindly redirect me.

My home is equipped with a Quest Poly Pipe coming from my hotwater tank. Unfortunately, it broke last night and flodded my attic with devasting results. It was only after the emergency plumber arrived, I learned the line is defective. How can I get this line replaced...I would not like this to happen again. posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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