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Welcomt to River Center Clinic, we are Eating Disorders Info and Treatment Ctrs serving Sylvania area, OH. Visit us at 5465 Main St, Sylvania, OH, 43560-2155 viewed so far 2805 times. View Location River Center Clinic. eating disorders info and treatment ctrs -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 River Center Clinic reviews

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River Center Clinic
5465 Main St
OH 43560-2155

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Email: ********@river-centre.org
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River Center Clinic Reviews

Moonlitelover4uonly reviewed on River Center Clinic

business listing rating This eating disorder clinic will say anything to keep you in the program include lying to you, your family and your dr. and telling each a different story. The treatment only runs Monday-Friday from 11:30am to 6:30p.m. then they just trust you to do what you are suppose to do of course there is a huge grocery store next door and a gas station beside it. There is no staff for the adults at all after hours. They will call you a lair to your face. Even if telling the truth. I noticed that a few of the patients were staying longer because they had no place to go after treatment and this was a bed. THEY CAN NOT TAKE CARE OF GASTRIC BYPASS PATIENTS WITH EATING DISORDERS they will tell you they have had several They are lying to you. You do not have the knowledge or the means to deal with the way we have to eat food unless you want to try and eat a 1400cals meal plan eating every single hour from 11am to 6pm because we can not hold much food then get in trouble for not drinking enough. posted on Saturday, January 22, 2011

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