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Dassel Boat Part Used and Rebuilt 175 3rd St Boat storage including: floating docks, PWC lifts, Aluminum docks, Pontoon lifts, Roll in docks, and more from Porta-Dock. Dassel MN Boat Part Used and Rebuilt Porta Dock Inc www.porta-dock.com Business Reviews Porta Dock Inc Testimonials

Porta Dock Inc Reviews

Bruce Schiefelbein reviewed on Porta Dock Inc

business listing rating My father bought a port a dock in 2008. The dock was engineered incorrectly. It has broken the welds twice. I have talked to the dealer 3 times about fixing it correctly, but they refuse to listen. I ended up driving almost 200 miles today and dealer refused to repair it correctly. Do not buy a port a dock. posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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