Pu'u'ala Farm andamp; Ranch Organic Tea from Hawaii

Welcomt to PuUAla Inc, we are Farms serving Paauilo area, HI. Visit us at 44-2224 Government Main Rd, Paauilo, HI, 96776 0000 viewed so far 3739 times. View Location PuUAla Inc. farms -- Tuesday, February 05, 2008 PuUAla Inc reviews

Location Address:
PuUAla Inc
44-2224 Government Main Rd
HI 96776 0000

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Email: *******@puuala.com
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Sherry W. Perry reviewed on PuUAla Inc

business listing rating To whom it may concern:
I am Sherry Perry, mother of Elizabeth Perry whom I believe is working at your farm. Her phone seems to be out of service and it is important for us to reach her. Could you please tell her to call home. If for some reason she is not there would you please call us at 1-503-838-1064 or cell phone 1-503-871-7677. Thank you Sherry Perry posted on Monday, December 27, 2010

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