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Quadrupeds Products Inc Reviews

Wendy Brown reviewed on Quadrupeds Products Inc

business listing rating I have used the yucca all in one now for over a year with great results. Untill yesterday. I had a dog have a severe allergic reaction in his eyes. causing acute conjuctivitis, inflamation, resulting in an ulceration. Now the pet owner is asking me to pay the vet bills..240.00!The only difference in the regular groom was the Yucca shampoo..Now what am I supposed to do? Can you help me with this cost? Shouls I discontinue my use of the product? I need some advice. Thank you. Wendy Brown. Devine k-9 posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wendy Brown view on Quadrupeds Products Inc

business listing rating Hi My name is Wendy Brown. I have tried your sample and really liked the Yucca all in one. Wow talk about zap fleas quick! Sooths hot spots, And leaves the coat very clean , conditioned and managable. I have ordered y first gallon and was excited to have the product in my shop. Untill Saturday. I used the product on a lhasa mix that had fleas and hot spots. I washed him nose to tail with the recommended method. I groomed as usual triming around the eyes and nose..finidhed the groom and sent the fellow home. 2 hours later I got a distress call from the owner. He could not open his yes and was rubbing profusley. I recomened to flush the eyes with steril saline. Thinking he may have hair debris in his eyes from grooming..But then she called me again at midnight! She went to an emergency vet.. The dog was diagnosed with allergic reation,Corneal ulcer and acute conjuntivitis. Now she want's me to pay the bill!A 40.00 groom has no turned into -350.00 for me! what can I do? have any advice? posted on Monday, March 28, 2011

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