National Housing Corporation, Columbus Ohio

Welcomt to Showe Management Corp, we are Apartments serving Columbus area, OH. Visit us at 45 N 4th St # 200, Columbus, OH, 43215-3602 viewed so far 4262 times. View Location Showe Management Corp. apartments -- Sunday, April 27, 2008 Showe Management Corp reviews

Location Address:
Showe Management Corp
45 N 4th St # 200
OH 43215-3602

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Showe Management Corp Reviews

Elbert Williams reviewed on Showe Management Corp

business listing rating To, whomever this may concern,i have sent you this note as to a debt of $2000.Former tenant at 51 Grafton ave. Dayton,Ohio 45406. I had to move out of unit #507, because i could no longer afford the $461,plus other serious reasons.I disagree with this debt,my present address is 465wGrandave#202,Dayton,Ohio 45405(937-278-4730). posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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