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Welcomt to Swift Bullet Co, we are Small Arms Ammunition (Manufacturers) serving Quinter area, KS. Visit us at 201 Main St, Quinter, KS, 67752 0000 viewed so far 4124 times. View Location Swift Bullet Co. small arms ammunition manufacturers -- Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Swift Bullet Co reviews

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Swift Bullet Co
201 Main St
KS 67752 0000

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Swift Bullet Co Reviews

John Nitecki reviewed on Swift Bullet Co

business listing rating Hello Swift I live in Alberta Canada and I a beleiver in your Sirocco bullets. I hand load the 165 grain for my 30-06 I have taken moose and elk at all ranges. I love this bullet. I also shoot a 243 for deer but you only make the 90 grain for this caliber which I find light.I hand load a 100 grain in another brand but would like to switch to your Sirocco.Is there a chance you will make a 100 grain Sirocco for the 243 caliber for 2011?
Yours Truely: John N posted on Thursday, September 23, 2010

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