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Welcomt to Blommer Chocolate Co, we are Chocolate and Cocoa-Manufacturers serving Union City area, CA. Visit us at 1515 Pacific St, Union City, CA, 94587-2041 viewed so far 3000 times. View Location Blommer Chocolate Co. chocolate and cocoa manufacturers -- Saturday, March 05, 2011 Blommer Chocolate Co reviews

Location Address:
Blommer Chocolate Co
1515 Pacific St
Union City,
CA 94587-2041

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Joan Schmid reviewed on Blommer Chocolate Co

business listing rating Hi,

My husband, old time Swiss Chocolatier, Hermann Schmid of Schmids' of San Clemente, and originally Edelweiss Chocolates of Beverly Hills is interested in purchasing a box of your chocolates. Also, if you have a web site where we could purchase items, and/or a catalog, we would love to hear from you. posted on Thursday, February 03, 2011

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