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Welcomt to St Ignatius School, we are Schools serving Grand Coteau area, LA. Visit us at 180 Church St, Grand Coteau, LA, 70541 0000 viewed so far 2208 times. View Location St Ignatius School. schools -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 St Ignatius School reviews

Location Address:
St Ignatius School
180 Church St
Grand Coteau,
LA 70541 0000

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Email: **********@stignatiusschool.us
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Mottaya reviewed on St Ignatius School

business listing rating No, you didn't and neither did I. I was tauhgt who he was by Thomas Sowell. It was in one of his columns many years ago. There's a small blurb on wikipedia but you'd think that if you wanted a hero to the black community, James Armistead would have his national day along side MLK. But since it doesn't promote the America torn by racial hatred template, sadly many kids who could use a true American hero will never hear of him. posted on Saturday, November 10, 2012

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